The park is located in the western arm of the East African Rift valley, this park is bordered by Lake George and Lake Edward and the two are connected by Kazinga Channel. In terms of biodiversity this is one of the highly rated parks in the world. It includes, open savannah, green meadows, semi- deciduous tropical forests, dense equatorial rain forest and dense papyrus swamps.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the Western arm of the Great East African rift valley.The Queen Elizabeth national park is bordered by the two lakes , Lake George and Lake Edward, which are in turn connected to the famous Kazinga Channel.The area is probably one of the most highly rated in terms of biodiversity.It includes opne savannah , semi- deciduous tropical forests ,green meadows, dense papyrus swamps and dense equatorial rain forest

About Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda


Queen Elizabeth National park , probably rated as one of the most bio diverse areas in Uganda among the Parks in the country

Safari Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park


A range of safari Lodges in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth national park. Ranging from budget to Luxury lodges and hotels that are located in the area .

Safari Attractions at
QENP Uganda


Some of the attractions include birding in this place teeming with birds , game drives , boat cruises on the Kazing Chanel perfect for photos.

The Ishasha Sector near Queen Elizabeth


The ishasha sector is a part of QENP that has a wealth of herbivorous animals , it also boast of the rare tree climbing lions.

Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura


Chimpanzee trekking is an activity that is aslo done in queen Elizabeth NP . It is cheaper to trek chimps in this park as compared to Kibale.

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Queen Elizabeth


Did you know ??

Hippos are the third largest animal on land.  Only elephants and some rhinos are bigger.  An adult male hippopotamus can weigh as much as 3200 kg (7000 lbs), but are usually around 2300 kg (5000 lbs).  Adult females only weigh about 1800 kg (4000 lbs).

Conservation Programs

Queen Elizabeth

Protecting wildlife from poachers in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, has taken a new and very effective turn. For the first time the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) rangers are conducting their operations by boat, whether this is anti-poaching, providing a safety and rescue service for the local fishing communities or guiding tourists. The Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) are the instigators of this ambitious Waterways Project which are providing marine based patrols across the Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and Lake Mburo National Parks in Uganda.